12/20/2009 Sunday Post

By: taigray

Dec 20 2009

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Category: Analysis, China, Landscape, Sunday Post

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Focal Length:7.9mm
Shutter:1/200 sec

Well, since I don’t go out and take pictures on Sunday often, I have decided to turn Sunday into a day where I show and comment on some of my previous pictures. For these first 5 Sundays, I’ll talk about the 5 best pictures that I took when I went to China in 2006. This picture is the most recognizable of all of them (Great Wall of China). When I went to China, I knew nothing about photography other than make sure that the subject is in the frame and then take the picture. Looking back, i’m quite surprised how good of an image the camera took. I used the rule of thirds by putting the beginning of the wall in the first third and then used leading lines to draw the eyes across the whole image to the opposite corner. The only thing I did in photoshop was increasing the contrast to make the colors look better.

I remember being at the top of the wall, exhausted from the climb, trying to look for good things to take pictures of. Looking back, I can remember so many good things that I should have taken pictures of: the long drop from the top of the wall, the employees who keep you going up the stairs, the small, dark towers with the stone windows, the worn edge of the tower we were standing on. So many missed photo opportunities that I could have had if I had done any photography before the trip. I will never make that mistake again. Speaking of mistakes, one of the most detrimental things that I did while taking pictures of the magnificent scenes was leaving the red, blaring time stamp on. Every picture that I took had a very noticeable, inaccurate date and time in bright red in the bottom right-hand corner. On my best five, I decided that it was worth taking about an hour to photoshop it out, which worked pretty well, but there are some of my images that I couldn’t fix. Oh well, the effects of ignorance.


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