12/22/2009 Pet Photography

Well, today I didn’t go out and take any pictures, and in a last minute desperate attempt to get a picture to post on here, I decided to take some of my aunt’s dog. This is my first attempt at pet photography, and this picture was the only image that wasn’t blurry (the lights weren’t bright enough to stop motion). My aunt’s dogs have a bed space by the front window that I thought was perfect for picture taking, so I put down a purple blanket and brought over two lights and started taking pictures. I may try this one again tomorrow and actually put some time into it. The only problem that I could see me having is dealing with the light coming in from the window, which wouldn’t capture a lot of the detail on the dog, and there could also be the problem of having a distracting background through the window, but a shallow depth of field may be able to take care of that.

In this image, I used an aperture of 5.6 (the lowest it would go) and then a shutter speed of about 1/25. The depth of field worked out nicely. Since i’m not at home, and I don’t have access to my photoshop, I used photoshop.com (which is an amazing tool for quick edits, and it’s free) to do all of my post processing. I used the pop color and selected the jacket color, which I then sharpened and increased the saturation. The jacket is actually hot pink. At first I thought the reflection in the window was a bit distracting, but as I look at it more and more, I think it adds something interesting to the image. I will take more pictures of the dogs tomorrow and upload the best 2 (one of Ginger and one of Rusty).


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