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By: taigray

Jan 03 2010

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Focal Length:10.7mm
Shutter:1/160 sec

Since I missed the Sunday Post on 12/27/2009, I’ll do it today. This picture was taken in Yangshuo, China while we stopped at a farm in the countryside during a bike ride. This image has actually been photoshopped quite a bit. I cropped out the bottom of the image to get rid of the previously-mentioned red time stamp and then altered the sky. When I first started to enhance it by increasing the contrast, I noticed that I could get either the mountains or the sky to look good, but not both. So, I edited the image so the mountains would look nice and sharp, then saved the file. After that, I opened up the original image and edited the sky so it looked nice and blue. I selected all of the sky, then copied and pasted it onto the picture with the edited mountains. I moved it around so it would fit the mountains, then blurred the edges so the change wasn’t noticeable.

The only place in China that I saw the sky this blue was on the Great Wall where it was windy enough to blow the pollution away. To get to Yangshuo, we took a boat down a river from Guilin. When we got to Yangshuo, we checked into the hotel and then crossed the street to a bike rental place. We rode through the busy Yangshuo streets to a road leading out to the countryside. We rode past a lot of rice fields and stopped at this one to get a closer look at the farms. A few hours later, we went to a local farmer’s house to take a look at what the average Chinese farmer lived like. I grabbed my camera and started out, but then he told us that if we wanted to take pictures, we would have to pay him. Ignorant, I turned him down and didn’t take any pictures. I could almost smack myself in the face for doing this. We got into the house, a small, broken down, wooden shack lit by a small lamp, a small tv, and a couple holes in the roof. He had a small family, one son and one daughter if I remember right, and the local elderly people came to see us. They were completely bent over from severe back conditions. Now that I think back, I would have paid any fee to take pictures now. However, I may have mad a good choice, since it was pretty dark in the house and, without knowing how to use my camera, it is unlikely that I would get a good picture. I can’t wait to go back to China.


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