1/9/2010 Catch up and Antelope Island

By: taigray

Jan 09 2010

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Category: Afternoon, Antelope Island, Clouds, Hiking, Landscape, Rio Tinto, Scouts, Sunset, Winter

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Focal Length:5.85mm
Shutter:1/800 sec
Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE Z1012 IS Digital Camera

Well, I haven’t posted since Sunday, so this will also be a make-up post. On Wednesday, I went with my scout troop to learn about being a marketing director from Davy Ratchford in my ward. We went down to Rio Tinto Stadium, where we got to see their soccer trophy. I brought my camera along because I also happened to be working on a photo assignment, which required an on-location group portrait. Even though the light was dim in the Rio Tinto bar, I was still able to get 2 pretty good shots of the cup, and after an interview we took a group shot with the cup.

Today, I went up with the school’s photoclub to take pictures of the sunset at Antelope Island. A total of 4 of us (including the instructor) showed up to the event. We drove to Buffalo Point to take pictures, then went back down the hill to get some shots of the buffalo first. At the first location, the buffalo were pretty far away, just close enough for me to get them with my camera zoomed almost all the way in at 394 mm. We moved to a second location and were suprised to see about 4 buffalo right off the road. We started taking pictures of them through the windows and sunroof, and 2 of them started fighting for a brief moment, but I didn’t catch any good shots of them.

After we saw the buffalo, we drove back up to Buffalo Point and began the very cold, icy hike to the place where we would take pictures. After falling once on the way up, we finally got to the top, discouraged by what we saw. The clouds had rolled in pretty thick, in a very pretty pattern, but thick enough to possibly block the sunset. While the other members of our group walked around the area, setting up, staying warm, and finding pictures to take, I hiked further down the slope of the mountain to get different perspectives of the island. After I had hiked across snow-covered rocks all across the perimeter of the upper level, I went back to the group and started taking some macro shots of the cracks in the rocks. About an hour from sunset, the group began to think that the sunset was going to be blocked, and due to the cold, we should head back home. We stuck around for another half hour taking pictures of whatever we could find while I hiked down the face of the left side of the mountain. I was called back and told that we were leaving. Kind of upset that we were leaving before the sunset, I hiked down the same icy path, falling once and bruising my hip, and then slid some of the way down. Then I began my drive home. Later, when I turned into the entrance of my subdivision, I looked into the sky and saw the same clouds that we had seen before, only lit up by a magnificent bright red glow. I am still pretty upset that we didn’t stay. If you aren’t willing to suffer through the cold, you don’t deserve a good shot.


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