3/9/2010 Elementary School during a Storm

By: taigray

Mar 09 2010

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Category: Abstract, Artistic, Colors, Elementary, Rain

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Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/100 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Well, today has been one of the most boring days ever! I haven’t posted in a long time… oops. Hopefully I’ll post more often now. I got my new Nikon D90 a couple weeks ago and have been taking a ton of pictures, so many that I have had to go through all of my pictures and sort them just to keep myself sane when I browse through my image collection. I am in the process of trying to add copyright info to them and get my Flickr page up and running again. I joined a few D90 groups and they have gotten my to come back almost every day. I also want to start into stock photography to attempt to make money with my pictures, which will require even more time with keywording my images… Ugh.

Well, the reason I have gotten back into taking pictures is because I am helping a girl on Flickr do a research project that shows how people’s health is shown through their images. I have to take 3 pictures a day for a week, starting yesterday. For my pictures today, me and Justin went up to Heritage Elementary and took some pictures at the playground. Not too much to see there. My favorite shot was of the puddle of oil I found on the way back to the car, right before it started raining. I love the colors that oily water has to it, so I spent a while there, in the freezing cold, taking pictures of the ground. I’m sure that must have looked stupid…

That leads me to another point. Some of the best pictures I have ever gotten were in bad weather. I don’t think that people fully appreciate how beautiful everything is when it is soaked. Now, every time I go outside when it’s raining, I want to take my camera and get some of the cool shots. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is the people who won’t go out into the rain and take pictures because “my camera will get wet.” Most of the people I know who say this have expensive cameras, i.e. Nikon D200 and D700, about 3,000 dollar cameras. One of the features that these cameras have is a weather seal. Why not use it? Just cover your camera with a garbage bag, cut a hole for your lens, and shoot away! It’s not like you are swimming! A camera is a tool, it does you no good unless you actually use it.


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