7/16/2010 Macro Photography

By: taigray

Jul 16 2010

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Category: Equipment, Objects

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Shutter:1/2 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Well, I wanted to try something new with my photography (i.e. macro photography), but didn’t have hundreds to spend on the right lens. A quick google search later and I come up with this article on how to make a lens for “extreme macro photography on a budget“. So I decided to try it out, and it works perfectly! I did make some adjustments though. Here is basically how I did it:


  • Digital camera – DSLR (obviously)
  • A lens (I used a 50mm 1.8 because I already had it)
  • A can of Pringles chips
  • A body cap for your camera
  • Permanent marker
  • Dremel tool with cutting disk and sander
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Epoxy/hot glue/liquid nails
  • Black cloth
  • Duct tape

First, you need to cut a hole in both the body cap and the bottom of the pringles can (see other article for pics). Make sure the holes are as round and smooth as possible. Second, glue the body cap to the bottom of the pringles can with the glue (see other article). Let the glue dry completely. Use a duster to clean the inside of the can for chip crumbs and metal shavings. Carefully spray paint the inside of the can with the black paint (this helps to stop the light from bouncing around in the lens, decreasing image quality). Use the duct tape to completely tape up the outside of the pringles can (I used 2 layers). Wrap some black cloth around the lens (see other article) and push the lens into the top of the pringles can, but reverse the direction it is pointing (front element goes into the can first). Use the duct tape to cover any gaps in the front of the can. Look through the can to see if there are any light leaks.

Once I built the lens, I began taking some test shots. This lens zooms in extremely far, so you need to find some really small things to photograph.


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